Tips for Blogging Success

Tips for Blogging Success

You want to start a blog or have already started one. You have no idea how to make your blog popular. As you continue blogging you may learn a lot of things which can prove helpful or harmful to your blog.

But you may have to fail a lot of times and learn from your mistakes before you become a blogging sensation. But why to go through all that stuff when you can learn tips that are most important for a successful blog?

Here are some tips which should shorten your learning curve and get you on the right track with respect to blogging. If you follow these tips sincerely from the start then you can enjoy huge rewards later on.

  1. Be unique: Try and be different from the rest of the world. You are unique as an individual and so should be your blog. It doesn’t add any value to the blogging world if your blog is the same like countless others.I am not saying that you need to be 100% original and unique all the time. It may not be possible to do that. But something in each of your posts should be different even if you are writing about the exact same thing as another blogger.

    In such cases, you might add your own experiences, twists, tips or opinions which will make your post different from the others. Be creative and find something where you can be different in a positive sort of way.

  2. Build relationships: Blogs are about building strong relationships with the readers. The focus of a successful blogger would be about making people fall in love with your blog and come back to it often.This can happen if you are friendly and encourage people to visit and contribute. Respond to peoples’ comments and answer questions when someone asks something on the blog. You may also comment on other people’s blogs.
  3. Write as if you are talking:Blog posts are meant to be informal, personal and refreshing. They should not be boring! A good strategy would be to write blog posts as if you are talking to people.Imagine an audience of many interested people with you addressing them. Imagine these people hanging on to every word that you speak. Imagine a two-way dialogue between you and your readers. Such should be the feel when people visit your blog.
  4. Educate and Entertain: Your blog posts should be such that they not only educate the reader but also entertain them. Nobody likes reading a long and boring article even if its a useful one.Not only should you research well about what you want to write but also write it in an interesting manner. The blog posts should be full of useful information and tips which the readers find helpful in solving their problems. At the same time the information should be presented in a friendly tone and some humor injected into it.
  5. Link to useful posts: We should try and make our blog as useful to readers as possible. Even though you might covered a topic well in your blog posts, but it is unlikely that you had covered all aspects related to a topic.

Instead of trying to do all the work by yourself, you can cover some aspects of a topic and then link to other websites or blogs which cover some other aspects related to the present topic. Do not be afraid of sending your readers to other websites.

While many bloggers might flinch at the idea of linking to other sites from their posts, it might prove very beneficial. You are adding more value to your blog posts by linking to relevant and useful posts.

You are exhibiting that you are not afraid to link to other websites if it is for the benefit of the reader. This can make people respect and love your site all the more.

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