Mobile Websites for Small Business

Mobile Websites for Small Business

A mobile website is a website specially designed to be accessed from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. It’s common knowledge that most of your customers are using the Internet to find information about your business, product, or service. With smartphones becoming more like hand-held computers, using a mobile device to access information about a business is becoming more common. Consumers who visit a small business mobile website usually do so because they are looking for information while ‘on-the-go’, so there is a great opportunity to attract more customers with this format. While prospective customers may not think to look at your website while in their home, they are likely to research information while away from home when they are prompted by an advertisement or spur of the moment buying decision.

How is a Mobile Website Different that a Regular Small Business Website?

A mobile website is much like a standard website, with a few important differences. There are also a few functions that work on a standard web page, but a mobile website will not (or should not) support. For example, mouse over text effects and floating elements (like popup windows) may not work on some mobile devices and can cause problems for the viewer.

An important difference has to do with a mobile device’s bandwidth – the amount of information that can be received by the mobile device at a time. If your site contains too many graphics, it can take too long to load on a mobile device. This discourages the end-user, making it more likely they will look elsewhere for the information. Additionally, because mobile devices have smaller screens and can process less information than a standard sized computer, your mobile website will need to be formatted in a way that makes the user experience positive without losing any of the impact of your original brand design. Therefore, the visual appeal and functionality of your small business mobile site is one of the most important considerations for a web developer.

To ensure the mobile site loads quickly and to prevent too many changes to branding, many mobile versions of small business websites omit large ads and extra photos that aren’t necessary. Font size, graphics, and interactive elements must be adjusted by a web developer to fit a more compact format. While some elements are appropriate for a full website layout, they can clutter a mobile screen or make navigation too complicated. An alternative method is to adjust the layout so that all of the information runs down the page, instead of across.

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