SMS Marketing for Small Business

SMS Marketing for Small Business

A fairly new concept in the world of marketing, SMS marketing for small businesses is an effective tool that often gets overlooked.  SMS (short message service) marketing is a method of using short, targeted text messages to promote a business, product, or service. Common reasons for using SMS marketing are to provide information directly to the consumer about special sales, new products and services, or general information about a business or its activities. (Text messages can also help to contact customers about an order status, service updates, and more.)

How SMS Marketing Can Benefit Small Businesses

SMS marketing offers several distinct advantages over traditional marketing techniques. The cost of sending text messages is considerably less expensive than many other types of marketing, so it is very budget friendly. But the major benefit of SMS marketing for small businesses is that the information you want your customers to see is delivered directly to them on their mobile phone.

Because most people read text messages almost immediately when they are delivered, it’s almost guaranteed that your target audience will read the information you provide in a SMS message. Finally, because most recipients of SMS marketing messages are already familiar with a small business or specific product or service, the text can be less formal and more effective.

SMS marketing can benefit small businesses in another way, however. While there is limited space in a text massage (about 150 characters), an SMS advertisement can be used to draw a customer to find more information about a sale or promotion. For example, smart phones are equipped with web browsers and make it possible to go from a text message with a link directly to a web page containing more information. In this way, SMS marketing can lead potential buyers to your webpage directly – saving on print or internet marketing campaigns.

SMS marketing for a small business works best with a complete advertising strategy. That is – while SMS messages can reach your customer directly, it works well in tandem with email advertisements that keep your brand ‘top of mind’ for your customers.

SMS marketing for small businesses must adhere to the same rules as other types of direct contact marketing. In the United States, laws protecting against SPAM also apply to SMS marketing. For this reason, small businesses that use SMS rely on a pre-existing relationship – direct or indirect – to the customer. To avoid being a nuisance to customers or violating the law, it is common practice for a business to get a person’s permission before adding them to this type of contact list.

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