Develop a Content Strategy for Social Media Success

Develop a Content Strategy for Social Media Success

You’ve probably read that a good way to promote your business is to connect with customers, friends and interested prospects on social media platforms. These platforms would include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Plus. Each of these platforms requires a different way to build personal rapport with other members as well as its own significant investment of time.

Social Media Content StrategyWhen social media is discussed, it’s normally talked about as one medium. This means that often business owners hear that they must have their business on the classification of “social media”. And when they think about the individual channels and the time investment required for each one, many are overwhelmed and give up before they even get started.

The key to operating successfully in social media, is to first determine which platform most of your customers socialize on. You can get this information, by doing a survey by e-mail or by asking customers when they come to your location. While these methods do not make for an exact scientific decision making process, you will see patterns that you can use in order to determine which social media platform you will work with first.

Once you determine the right network to start on, you’ll then need to understand what motivates participants to get involved with company brands. In the case of Facebook, the motivation is typically initiated with some social interaction. In the case of the Twitter platform, that motivation is typically initiated with some kind of relevant news or event. In other words, each platform has a particular character that captures the interest of its participants.

Once you’ve determined how a particular network operates and what moves people to get involved with companies in their brand, you’ll need to determine a content strategy. By content strategy, what is meant is that you’ll need to determine whether people respond best to articles, videos, images, or some combination of them. Decide on which form is most time effective for you and your staff and begin to create content that will be interesting for those with whom you are connected on social media.

In most cases, you’ll want to find out what the frequently asked questions would be for those people who buy your products and services. You’ll then want to find an interesting way to their attention about that issue and subsequently create content that can be shared on social media.

The goal for the content would be for those with whom you are connected, to find it interesting enough to share it with their friends and personal online networks. When this happens, you’ll get the benefit of the “viral” nature of the social media platforms. When the term viral is used in discussion about social media, it’s defines the way people pass information between each other.

Not all of your content on social media will be found to be interesting by those with whom you are connected. In fact, as you’re just starting out most of your messages and postings will fall on deaf ears. What you’ll need to do is to take note of this, to determine what engages your community and what doesn’t. This will give you more confidence in those things that you will try that do actually work.

You may find that when you have content that makes customers and prospects disagree with you, that this brings the most positive effect when it comes to those paying attention to your brand. Don’t assume that all content must be complementary of your company’s products and services. What’s most valued across all social networks, is honesty and transparency. When you’re doing this, you’ll find that followers will come and “stick around” even when they disagree with you on the issues.

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