Facebook Branding for Small Businesses

Facebook Branding for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you may or may not be tuned in to the concept of branding. Simply, branding is the practice of creating a presence, symbol or design that differentiates you from your competitors. Simply put if you sell hamburgers, the Golden Arches can be part of your branding. Branding can include a slogan such as “taste the rainbow” by Skittles or an iconic logo like Facebook’s big blue F.

Having a Facebook page won’t be branding in and of itself, but it can promote images that may one day become iconic, your slogan (if you have one) that may resonate eventually or simply your company name that may one day be a household word.

There are many components to branding, both online and offline, and you should start with a website for your small business if you don’t already have one. A simple website can be set up in just a few days by a professional website developer for a modest cost. You need a place to send your Facebook fans if they want to check out your company outside of Facebook.

Branding on Facebook differs from nearly any other form of marketing. On your website, you present your products or service, talk about your warranties or guarantees, talk about your company history, the members of your team and more. Facebook, though, requires you develop a voice that communicates to people as if you are talking to them. It’s all about the conversation. And no one will want to have a conversation with you about your company history, your team and your offerings – they are on Facebook to socialize – so you have to be social.

Developing your Facebook Fan Page is a critical part of your branding efforts. You would speak differently to a five year old than you would a teenager, a single mom, a grandmother or a new dad. You need to know who your target, ideal customers are so you know what kind of voice to develop. If you offer handyman services, single moms, seniors and busy dual-income families may be your targets. You want to speak their language, ask questions that will engage them and develop content just for them.

If you sell trendy hair extensions or stylized punker t-shirts, teens and young adults will more likely be your targets and your voice will need to speak their younger, hipper language and your content should be similarly hip and engaging.

Finding your voice is step one. Developing content that is an expression of that voice is step two. Making posts that will garner responses from fans and your target consumers is step three. Once you find that voice, you have to use it again and again, every day, more than once a day if possible. When you get people to respond to your branding efforts, you have to reward them by responding to their comments and continuing the dialogue.

Developing your brand on Facebook will not be an easy or overnight task. If possible, consult a professional Facebook marketer. While you may not be able to afford a consultation with a big marketing agency, you can easily find competitive consulting rates from an individual or small firm who consults on Facebook marketing such as us. Power Play Marketing is a Boca Raton SEO company offering services such as search engine optimization, local SEO, social media, web design, and reputation management.  Contact us today to learn how we can put the Power of the Internet to work for you.

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