Facebook Fan Pages – A Home For Your Business

Facebook Fan Pages – A Home For Your Business

What is a Facebook fan page?

A Facebook fan page (also known as an official page or business page) is similar to a personal Facebook profile, but it allows you to create a profile for your business rather than yourself. Similar to a website, a fan page allows you to present what your business is about, while communicating with an active audience of potential and existing customers. Through your fan page, you can engage with your customers and alert them to upcoming events and specials. You can also provide customer service by interacting with customers and responding to their questions and reviews.

How do fan pages work?

Fan pages contain information such as your business’ contact information, website, hours, location, and other basic business information. A fan page is also a great platform for posting your blog articles, events, and photos.

Fan pages are designed to collect Fans in the form of other Facebook users who “like” or subscribe to your page. Users do this by clicking the “like’ button at the top of your fan page. In doing so, they are automatically subscribed to receive updates from your fan page.

Why should my business have a Facebook fan page?

Social Media Marketing is an important component of building your business’ online presence. While Facebook traffic may not directly result in increased sales, a fan page allows you to communicate your message directly to your customers.

Fan pages offer users the opportunity to post pictures, provide product reviews and post feedback and comments that can attract others and give you valuable insight into your customer’s needs and desires.
The ability for customers and businesses to connect using this platform increases engagement and brand loyalty. Because of the viral nature of Facebook, customers can easily recommend your company, product, or services to their friends.

Other benefits of having a Facebook fan page include:

  • Capture customer’s contact and personal information—Facebook is full of detailed personal information that users / potential customers have chosen to share. When someone “likes” your fan page
  • Easier search engine optimization—In addition to the exposure your business will receive on Facebook, your fan page also increases the likelihood your business will be found on search engines, like Google.
  • Increased customer loyalty—Current customers who follow your Facebook fan page will develop a personal connection to your product or service, especially if you are diligent about feedback and responses to their posts.
  • Get to know your customers—Facebook’s detailed analytics provide you valuable information about those who follow your fan page, such as their gender, age and location.  Gaining a better understanding of your fan / customer demographics can help you more effectively reach particular individuals with targeted advertising.

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