Facebook for Business: Why Your Page Is Not Attracting Attention

Facebook for Business: Why Your Page Is Not Attracting Attention

You created a Facebook Page, spent hours adding personal information, moving photos and videos, creating links on your web page and telling all your friends about it. So, why aren’t people piling on the Like button and engaging with your killer new content?

There are any number of reasons why your Facebook Page may not be attracting the kind of attention you wanted, but here are three you should put at the top of the list.

  1. Stopping, Interrupting or Deleting Conversations – Every brand owner is afraid of the conversation getting away from them. They don’t want negative reviews, arguments or rude comments to make their brand look bad. But be very careful what you delete or change on your Wall. The point of Facebook is to encourage participation and interaction. If you stifle that, people will leave. Include a question or call to action in every post you make and don’t delete or edit anything unless it is abusive or hateful in some way. Use bad reviews as an opportunity to showoff your customer service skills and help that person out, not as an excuse to censor your page.
  2. Aiming for Interaction with a Clear Plan – Ever wonder how Facebook decides what appears in your News Feed and what doesn’t? They use an algorithm that measures interaction on your Page. How many comments, likes, reads, rereads, etc. The more people interact, the better your site performs in News Feed impressions. Know what people want and offer content that encourages engagement on every level – videos to draw people into extended conversations, polls and questions to get people going back and forth and activity from you to show that you are a major face for the brand.
  3. Two Ends of the Spectrum – The ideal approach to Facebook is friendliness, encouragement and social engagement. The wrong approach is to be either too boring or too heated in an attempt to draw attention. The boring problem occurs when someone feels they need to post to Facebook but has nothing interesting to post. So, they just post whatever comes to mind – what they ate for lunch, their cat’s latest antic, the color of the cab they just got in (hint, it’s yellow). On the other end of the spectrum, some people get argumentative or aggressive in an attempt to be edgy and attract more attention. If it doesn’t work in high school, why would it work on your Facebook Page?

Facebook is a huge platform with plenty of opportunities to be engaging and interesting, but you need to be interactive and use the things they enjoy to draw them into conversations as well. Don’t assume everyone will be interested in your Page just because they clicked “Like”. Offer something unique and always be ready to change if you feel your current strategy isn’t getting it done. You’ll have a bigger, better and much more interesting Page as a result.

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