Reputation Management for Small Businesses

Reputation Management for Small Businesses

With so many opportunities for consumers to publish their opinions, reputation management is an important part of marketing for any business. Even for small businesses, individual opinions about your products and services can easily be shared through forums, social media pages, and directories like Google+ Local and Yelp. All of the opportunity to immediately share satisfaction or a complaint can spell great success or disaster for your small business. Professionals who specialize in reputation management for small businesses know how to overcome negative comments and make the positive feedback more prominent. Professional reputation management can even prevent negative feedback from coming to light in the first place.

What is Small Business Reputation Management?

The truth is that not much has changed in what it takes to be a successful small business – reputation still matters. What has changed is how easy it is for prospective customers to access negative information about your company. Small business reputation management is a service that makes it easier to keep up with your online reputation, without the need to worry too much about the occasional dissatisfied customer.

The Importance of Reputation Management

In some cases, a major period of downtime or even a slight disruption in service can lead to a large outcry from customers via the World Wide Web. For small businesses, this can lead to an uphill battle in trying to overcome a few moments that caused some negative feedback. In other cases, a blog writer might write a scathing review of a business that can spread through social networks like a wildfire. Likewise, a social media user can bad-mouth your brand on Facebook and cause 200 other people to form an opinion of you without ever having tried your products or services.

It’s about more than who your customers are talking to. Negative comments can make their way into search engine results too. Popular search engines are putting more emphasis on user-generated content and less emphasis on pages you set up for your customer to see. Google is a great example because anyone can perform a simple local search for the products and services you offer, but the search engine will always put companies with reviews (positive or negative) near the top of the list – just because there is information from an end-user.

This means that even if only two people wrote reviews and both were negative, that’s what all of your potential customers will see when they find your listing. Good reputation management is all about making sure problems like this don’t occur. In this example, it means making sure there are enough positive reviews to outweigh the negative.

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