What is Facebook?

What is Facebook?

From its origins as Facemash and Thefacebook, Facebook is now the number one social networking website as ranked on TopTenReviews.com. The website is loaded with features, from instant messaging, to groups and interesting applications to use, and yet retains its simplicity in design and is very user friendly. Facebook is popular among all age groups, from high school kids to businesspeople and everyone in between. What makes Facebook.com so popular?

Facebook: An all-in-one social network

The thing about Facebook is that one can never run out of things to do on the site. Once you have your account active, you can engage in all kinds of communication and sharing with the Facebook community. Starting from your profile, Facebook gives you the options of even adding your relatives who are members as well. You can add parents, uncles and aunts, siblings and offspring too! Now imagine how large a network of friends and family you will have if your relatives have at least 10 friends each.

Filling in other details such as your school and workplace can also provide you with more networking opportunities. You could join up with former or current schoolmates as friends or in groups and even plan events and confirm attendance. This can be done also with workmates, where you can use Facebook as a means of professional networking and for finding job opportunities.

There are also features that encourage you to connect with more people. When you add a friend, your profile automatically suggests “People You May Know”, and this refers to your friend’s friends. You will also have suggestions of people with whom you have common friends, or “Mutual Friends”. These lists keep updating with every friend you add, so that you can find yourself with tens of friends within one week.

Fun Applications on Facebook

Facebook.com goes out of its way to make the website more interactive. Apart from the messaging feature, you can poke your friends, write what is on your mind on status updates, and receive your friends’ and groups’ updates through live news feeds. The “wall-to-wall” feature is another fun way to communicate with your friends, where you can write on their wall and have interesting conversations on them.

As if all these are not enough, you can upload an unlimited number of photos and categorize them into albums, and with the tagging feature, your photos can gain you a lot more friends. Facebook Chat is the website’s Instant Messenger, where you can chat with your friends that are online at the same time as you are.

The mobile version of Facebook allows mobile photo uploads, and enables you to write notes as well. These notes are usually spontaneous and somewhat like more elaborate responses to the question “What’s on your mind?” Many users write little bits of poetry, jokes or simple observations in everyday life in their Facebook Notes. These notes are visible to your friends and they can elicit comments and “likes”, symbolized by a thumbs-up sign below the note entry.

Sign up today at www.facebook.com.

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