Coral Springs SEO

Starting from land purchased by Henry Lyons in 1911, Coral Springs has a rich history of growth – especially in the last fifty years. After flooding in 1947, the city was drained using canals and levees to create dry land on which the city is now located. Before it was Coral Springs, the 20,000 acres was used for bean and cattle farming.  Soon after World War II, the land was developed by Coral Ridge Properties and eventually went on to be named Coral Springs.

The city was first incorporated in the early 1960s and was once marsh land. More than 120,000 people live in Coral Springs, a master-planned city which allows for the steady and consistent growth the area has experienced since the early 1970s. In the last forty years, it has grown by at least 35,000 residents a year. The exponential growth in Coral Springs has created fertile ground for a diversity of industries. With a thriving business sector and close access to other major cities in South Florida, it is an ideal location for start-up companies and successful mid-sized businesses.

Coral Springs has invested more than $700 million in efforts to revitalize and develop the downtown area. With many of the planned projects completed, office space and retail centers are thriving in the new and improved spaces. In 2004, Standard & Poor’s said that Coral Springs is a vibrant regional economy with above-average income earners. The area is home to businesses involved in education, science, professional services, entertainment, hospitality, and more.

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