Lake Worth SEO

Lake Worth is a coastal Atlantic town with nearly 40,000 residents. One of the beautiful beach towns in Palm Beach County, Florida, is also situated next to the Lake Worth Lagoon. Located near popular West Palm Beach, Lake Worth is a sub-tropical region with a diverse community and industries that flourish in the southern Florida climate. The rich history of Lake Worth is celebrated by the community and more than one-thousand historic buildings are preserved in the town.

Lake Worth was first incorporated in 1913, when the area was largely used for farming and the first bridge to cross the town’s namesake – Lake Worth – was completed just six years later in 1919. Today, downtown Lake Worth is marked by cultural boutiques, art galleries, and a mixture of shops and restaurants. With a total of six recognized historic districts, Lake Worth has maintained and old-world charm while managing to grow economically in the 21st century. One of the things that make the people of Lake Worth proud is dedication to preserving the historical significance of the town – a sentiment shared by the town’s government and residents. Historic theaters, buildings, and museums are popular attractions among visitors who drive a healthy tourism industry.

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