Lighthouse Point SEO

Lighthouse Point is home to more than 10,000 residents who enjoy the small town appeal of the area. A relaxing atmosphere and informal appeal is an attractive quality for people who like the leisurely lifestyle offered in Lighthouse Point. The city is closely bordered by Deerfield beach, Hillsboro Beach, and Pompano Beach. The Intracoastal Waterway rest between Lighthouse Point and Hillsboro Beach, providing a coastal community that is snugly tucked away between other metropolitan regions.

Lighthouse Point is named after the Hillsboro Lighthouse, which casts its light across the 18 miles of waterways in the area.  The city boasts more than 10 miles of natural trails and 20 acres of park lands for residents and visitors to enjoy. A shopping area with retail outlets and restaurants is located on Federal Highway where many business offices have been established.

Lighthouse Point was incorporated in 1956, when much less of the city was developed. Today, nearly all land within the town limits is developed property. Part of Broward County and the Miami-Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area, Lighthouse Point is a quaint town with diverse business and residential communities.  Power Play Marketing is a trusted partner for businesses in and around Lighthouse Point. As a leading internet marketing company, companies that service the area turn to us and our comprehensive marketing methods to help meet and exceed business goals.

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